Mary Vik, Co-President

Mary joined LWVSP in her mid-fifties. She was thinking ahead to eventual retirement and planned to investigate various volunteer opportunities. The in-depth knowledge about state and local government of many of the League members impressed her, as did the even-handed tone of various letters to newspaper editors about LWV positions and why they supported it. Political discourse at the height of the Feminist Movement was about as rancorous as it is now and I appreciate the League's calm and measured approach. I've been a member for over 30 years and it has been a great experience.

Mary Voight-Leung, Co-President

Mary has been a member since 1995 and is a past President of LWVSP. She also served on the Membership Committee and loves organizing events and speakers. Currently she is helping with voter registration in the high schools and will serve on the LWVMN diversity committee with Liz Haan. She has taught Mandarin Chinese in public, private, charter schools as well as at Concordia Language Villages for over 10 years and just returned from working and living in a Benedictine Abbey in Eichstatt, Germany for three months where she witnessed much enthusiasm for the mission of the European Union and the preservation of civil dialogue and increasing democracy. Her husband, Peter, hopes to retire next year now that their three children are grown.

Amy Mino, Treasurer

Amy Mino has been a League member since 1996 and has served in various capacities, including Nominating Committee Chair, Membership Chair. She is also the Executive Director of Minnesota Landmarks, a nonprofit responsible for the overall management of Landmark Center. Amy holds a B.A. in Art History from Macalester College and a Master’s in Public Affairs from the Humphrey School of Public Affairs.

Diggitt McLaughlin, Secretary
Diggitt McLaughlin moved to St. Paul 5 years ago, registering to vote immediately, and signing up as an election judge. She’s especially interested in the efficacy of Minnesota election law, comparing it with New Yorks’ “byzantine” election laws with which she worked for years as a LWV activist in New York. Diggitt’s League interests are in serving and educating voters. Why have a democracy, she asks, if voters can’t vote? She enjoys registering voters and moderating candidate debates. She is an alternate to the board of the West Side Community Organization. Diggitt has a Master’s Degree in theology and has trained for the Unitarian Universalist ministry. She has been a professional photographer and journalist.

Hayden Kilkenny, Membership
Hayden has lived in St. Paul for the past 12 years. She and her family are very involved in the Irish community in St. Paul through dance and cultural organizations. Currently, she is Chair of Community Relations for the St. Patrick’s Association, which organizes the St. Patrick’s.


Sig Johnson (Voter Service)

Over the years Sig has served as LWVSP’s President, Secretary, Voter Editor, and Candidate Forum Moderator. She has also organized Law Day events at William Mitchell College of Law, studied judicial selection and served on the LWVMN’s Voter Service Committee. Sig believes that the League has always been the "gold standard" of a well-run organization.

Judy Screaton (Programs)

Judy Screaton believes that voting and elections must constantly be monitored in order to be fair. She joined the board in order to work on election issues such as the Voter ID amendment and to support our Candidate Forums. Judy is impressed by LWVSP’s outstanding that LWVSP voting and elections work.

Jayne Discenza

Jayne Discenza is a Merriam Park resident and graduate of Macalester College. After having studied Political Science, she began a career of public service working for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Outside of work, she takes advantage of the innumerable arts offerings in the Twin Cities. Jayne seeks to play a more active role in LWV because of the vital importance of voter engagement and to improve her fluency in city and local politics. Other volunteer experiences include fundraising for the Combined Federal Campaign and political activism on the part of Planned Parenthood.

Vicki Barnes

Vicki Barnes moved to the St. Paul area in June of 2015. Previous to that she lived in Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and had two stints in Northern Italy. Her past volunteer experience includes Mayor of a military community and member of a group trying to pass legislation against corporal punishment in Pennsylvania schools (it took 10 years, but we did it). With the move to Minnesota and the political climate of the country, learning about how we got this way and how to improve it for her grandchildren has become a priority for Vicki. She has enjoyed getting to know the members of the League and looks forward to learning from them, as well as serving with them in the coming years.

Marion McCarthy

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